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Cream-exfoliant with acids, a mirror, a highlighter and other beauty finds editorial in this month.

Rejuvenating fluid Light Fluid Total Revitalizer, Shiseido Men

Sergey Ostrikov, guest editor: Hooray, I first made friends with the care Shiseido! He always seemed to be heavy and silicone. But this fluid is not just lightweight, but the lightest I’ve ever tasted. The texture is a little thick cream. Spreads easily, absorbs into the skin immediately and really hydrates the skin. During the day, skin feels amazing. To the touch — very nice, no increased sebum or tightness.

The most important thing for me, the owner of oily skin is that the fluid does not clog pores and not provoke inflammation. The composition has antioxidant, soothing and anti-age ingredients (extract of Scutellaria baicalensis, vitamin A acetate, glycyrrhizic acid). I am sure that it is with great pleasure I use the bottle until the end!

Price: 6505 to discounts on the website of the “Rive Gauche”.

Home Spa line L. Raphael

Jan: doubt the idea of “make your Spa your own hands.” For me, if the “hands”, it’s not quite a Spa, but manual labor:) Well, true. When you have all the cause, to RUB, to wash, and then wash the tub and the floor, for the first — in the dirt (albeit cosmetic), and the second in oil — #Dannah. Not for the same “perfect skin” we go to Spa, and the peace and doing nothing.

But here is the story. Since then, Spa L. Raphael in Moscow was closed, and she brand left our market, I have no choice. Well, that is as “left”. Of course, the choice is always there, and in this case it looked like this: or sama-sama, or fly to Geneva or Cannes, where there is L. Raphael, or forget and don’t use these tools ever. The world to them, whether that has converged?

Not converged. But when I perepalo on occasion these orange a La Hermes jar, I childishly rejoiced, struck, rubbed, rubbed, and… in General, once again convinced that for the sake of oils and scrubs L. Raphael, you can make an exception. And use them yourself. The buzz is extraordinary. The smells, textures, tactile pleasure from the cans — so effect, Yes. (But he’s not important:)

Special love — Energizing Lemon Oil: is really possible to move mountains after that, so energizing. Its antipode — Soothing Lavender Oil, relaxation and bliss in the evenings works better than “Denormal” and other sleeping pills.

And the scrubs which are cool, huh? The softest, tenderest, sweetest scrubs. This especially came in Cherry Blossom.

In General, this series only mud mask I just applied flatly refuse. But if you chose to use it under the day when it comes to the AU pair, what can and will love.

Prices: from 100 (for oil) to 130 euros for the scrub on the official website of L. Raphael.

Exfoliating face cream Glicoderm, RHEA

Julia: Rhea — new brand, which will appear in some salons from March. The main feature is the personalization of care: several types of creams can be combined with several types of B-Doses — cocktails with highly concentrated active ingredients.

My acquaintance with the brand started with the exfoliating cream. Glicoderm contains a concentrate of glycolic acid (8%), moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients (vitamin E, jojoba oil, cocoa butter), their task is to soften the acids. The cream promises to smooth the texture, even out tone and stimulating the activity of fibroblasts.

As a result, this cream has been my lifesaver. I started testing when suddenly the forehead and chin, sprinkled with black dots — cream solved it in less than a week. Now, if you see that the skin texture was uneven, and appeared clogged pores, black spots — apply it on overnight. Usually once is enough that the problem went away (but my skin is grateful now just to keep in good condition).

I acids not a newbie, I tried and the hard choices that saved me from acne, and very soft, the effect of which is almost not noticeable. So, Rhea managed to surprise me acid cream, which works, but it does not cause any irritation or dryness. On the contrary, the skin in the morning sleek and even a little shiny, as if I was doing a night mask.

Briefly: I love it.

Price: 8550 rubles for 50 ml. in the center of cosmetology Guinot (B. Tatar) and Daviani salon Spa (“Neglinnaya Plaza”).

Ingredients: Aqua, Glycolic Acid, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Simmondsia Chinesis (Jojoba) Ceed Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Dimeticone, PEG-100 Stearate, Glyceril Stearate, Sorbiton Stearate, Propylene Glycol, Bisabolol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-11, Sodium Hydroxide, Ammonium AcryloylDimethultaurate/Vp Copolymer, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Disodium EDTA, Parfum, Limonene, Linalool, Citral. To open a quote

CC cream for the skin around the eyes Eye CC, Erborian

Lena: has Become my favorite concealer, and I don’t think in the near future from this place, somebody will move. Don’t feel it. Can’t see it. It doesn’t get everywhere. Effect — plus five hours of sleep. Regularly:)) Yes, the cloak is almost like a toy. But I generously smear it everywhere: on the lower eyelid, upper, right, left – which certainly would not have done with a dense concealer without the risk of becoming like a zombie. And so – either translucent capillaries or light blue. In which case a point is added Nars. Between friends, checked.

Price: 3090 RUB on the official website.

Lipstick lip pencil Sexy Lipstick Pen, Romanovamakeup

The Shade Vintage Rose

Lena: There are two kinds nuda. “I have no lips” and “Notice they are there. Just today I painted them with red lipstick”. A new shade of Sexy Lipstick Pen belongs to the second type. Even probably the standard in this category.

We have covered berry color that immediately indicates the presence of the lips on the face. Ideal for photos. (If doing a selfie, you know — too light shades of “SAG” in the frame.) For conferences and business events at which flashy lipstick. Ideally, in the end, every day. I subtly-subtly painted lips, and then drive the pigment with your finger. Sooooo sexy and the color and finish. The coating is matte. Emphasizes the seductive folds of the lips. However, doesn’t look dry and the skin tightens. Lasts very very long.

The only thing I still hate in lipsticks-pencils – they have at least once a week to erode. Grrrr.

Price: 1400 RUB. on the official website.

Liquid Glow highlighter Liquid Highlighter Obsession, Pupa

001 Holo Light

002 Moon Light

003 Sun Light

Lena: And for dessert – TA-daaam – highlighter you’ve been dreaming of. I mean I dreamed, but you may also: a) the Liquid metal in the bottle. You can play anything you like. Apply wherever. Liquid texture is good because it can be mixed with Foundation or cream bronzerat. Or the old fashioned way – on the cheekbones. If you have phone a million images on which the model’s face shines like a star and you want the same — that thing you need. I have the shade 003 – in the tone of the skin.

Masha: What a wonderful thing! Lav-Lav-Lav!

The highlighter is non-greasy, nice texture. It is not leaking and spreading. The skin gives a delightful bright, even light. In a single layer — dewy glow in two to disco. And you are no large sparkles, nasybullina with Christmas toys.

Price: 1210 RUB in the “Rive Gauche”. Now with discount – 907 RUB.

Shampoo and conditioner to hair Revitalise-me, Elemis

Olga: it’s my hair dream? They are soft, light, manageable, shiny, not oily and not hang icicles in the evening. As it turned out, not a shampoo capable of these wishes correspond. Or Shine but no volume. Or softness, but the styling is impossible. And most importantly: to my oily scalp I used to wash it daily.

After this shampoo and balm hair clean, beautiful and obedient — and the end of the first day, and by the end of next. Even on the morning of the third look OK — Yes, the volume is not the same, but nothing hangs icicles. Just smooth hair.

Fans of all sulfate-free, I think, will scare ammonium lauryl sulfate, but I don’t care — I don’t have keratin straightening, which can theoretically damage. Another snag — the price. Seven thousand for two bottles — a reason much to think about.

Price: 6990 RUB per set (300 ml + 300 ml).

Liquid lipstick Liquid Lipcolor Bling Thing and Thing Bling Dazzle highlighter Highlighter, MAC

Shade Dazzlepink

Nastya: been a while since the makeup does not cause me such delight. Such that I want to use these things every day, and if you do not use, then at least to open and enjoy. And no, I’m not talking about Olin shampoo 🙂

Highlighter — a scattering of holographic glitter. About any uniform radiance of the question — it’s almost a glitter. The case when “the photo does not convey” and it looks a hundred times cooler. So, I apologize for the photo blur, but it is a brilliant madness is most visible.

Lipstick in the photo looks almost normal metallic. Again, don’t believe in it a scattering of the same sequins. Very, very, very much glitter.

Motion Commotion

It is applied easily, the only problem is quickly grasped, so we need to hurry. Very persistent: after your grease Burger only slightly blurred in the corners of the lips.

Love, love it!

Prices: lipstick — 1850 RUB the highlighter — 2550 RUB on the official website.

Shampoo Silver Shampoo and Silver conditioner toning Conditioner, Dermosil

Nastya: a Month ago I suddenly dyed it blonde,which I never had. So about leaving him I knew nothing about. I heard something about purple shampoo and conditioners, so I decided to start with them.

It should be noted that the shade that I painted, I did not like: too warm and yellowish. And now after a week of use tandem “shampoo + conditioner” our photographer, Christina, who sees me a couple times a week in all possible angles, and said, “your hair is a normal color.” A closer look — the shade really was colder.

In the line there is still a spray, maybe with him the result would have been even more impressive, but I’m too lazy to use it.

Price: shampoo — 590 RUB, air — 590 roubles at the official website.

Tools that work: best in February

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Victor Zinchenko

Hello! My name is Victoria Zinchenko. I am 27. I love to travel, makeup and spend time with benefits. Also interested in music, teaching, foreign languages. I take notes, write on different beauty topics and share my experience.

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