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JOY by Dior

Become a favorite, become rich, become successful and famous… And what if in the New Year to wish myself to be happy? When Christian Dior said “I Create a fragrance that embodies happiness!” and this year this perfume, finally appeared! Meet JOY by Dior — sincere, natural, lively and very sensual. Bask in his notes, if you want again and again to experience the joy of life and the luxury of being yourself!

Musk by Etro

This simple bottle though fraught with a thousand treasures from the East and a lot of mysteries… Choose it if you want to reveal their natural sexuality. The freshness and energy of the composition are in harmony with the tartness, soft and special exotic sweetness — all animals supplemented with notes. Mysterious and charming, this fragrance can make you inconceivably charming.

Paris — Biarritz, Paris — Deauville, Paris — Venise by Chanel

Whichever flavor of this triad Chanel you choose, be ready to be transported to the water element and feel its freshness and energy. Basque or Norman coast, so loved the most of Gabrielle Chanel, or maybe Venice? Time to return to naturalness and every cell of the body to feel the sparkling notes of a spray of these fragrances.

Beautiful Belle by Este Lauder

Dedicated to those who wants to fall in love! And love, as legend of the aroma of Beautiful Belle, beyond the rules. That’s why the composition is simultaneously delicate and daring. The creators of the perfume managed to harmoniously combine notes of Mimosa, lychee, Gardenia, suede and marzipan musk. Promise in the new year you fall in love without memory!

Hermes Twilly d

For light, bold and optimistic girls that turn life into a game… that does not mean that they are going to play by the rules! The new fragrance Twilly just about this, because even three base notes — ginger, tuberose and sandalwood — it sounds completely new and fresh: daring, hot and very exciting. Feel, finally free and don’t be afraid to go into the unknown!

World by Kenzo

If next year you want a new way to see the world, get ready to reveal your inner power through the magic of fragrance Kenzo World. Even the bottle looks like the “all seeing eye” — this symbol indicates the subtle intuition of its owner, and its protection from above. Choose World if you want to surprise, be spontaneous and remain a personality in a dynamic contemporary life!

La Vie Est Belle by Lancome L Éclat

Life is beautiful! Don’t believe a word — plunge into the fragrance with Lancome, and I just feel fills you with light and heat: it warms the sun, the rays of which revealed the southern flowers. All you need to Shine and again become a direct and easy — to see life in all its diversity. You every time will resemble the original bottle of La Vie Est Belle L Éclat, sparkling with dozens of faces.

Aura by Mugler

This scent will forever remain in your heart (even the bottle is designed in the form). It is only there, in the depths of the soul and their own feelings a woman can find true meaning of life and his power. And then she will be able to confront the modern world, filled with false values! A woman in the style of Aura is attractive for its harmony with nature, and where to draw the infinite power. So, the fragrance is based on plant and animal notes, opening up a wild, unexplored and very sensual world.

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