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Scientists have figured out what qualities in a man most women like.


It is considered that if a man doesn’t have typical good looks, it can save the sense of humor. This is true, but in lederach was quite another quality, and canadian researchers proved it.

The researchers decided to test how often men have sex. They conducted an anonymous survey of adult citizens. Volunteers also interviewed to find out what good deeds they do (volunteering, help of relatives or neighbours, charity), and asked to give the description and the description of their partners.

After analyzing the data, the experts came to the conclusion that men are more altruistic, others have sex in the same period that the representatives of the stronger sex, not helping anyone. Altruists even ahead of those who had a permanent partner.

Later we conducted the same experiment with students-volunteers. And the result was the same, – commented member of the research team Carter Miller.

In 2016, it has been established that “sex for one night” women prefer to choose selfish and arrogant men But in terms of a serious relationship, they opted for “Goodfellas”, as they a woman sees reliable support to create strong families.

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