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The company announced the change after a long sales decline

Group companies Parent L Brands Inc., the owner of the brand Victoria’s Secret, spoke about the new marketing strategy — now is not included in the models will appear ordinary girl, writes The Wall Street Journal.

Changes associated with prolonged drop in sales of the brand is customers is called the image of the perfect “angels” obsolete and advocate natural pictures girls of different builds. It is planned that now is Victoria’s Secret will be more variety in terms of shapes, models to shift the focus to the fact that the products are suitable for different women.

We will remind that Victoria’s Secret criticized for lack of diversity among the models, as in the last show was not attended by transgender people and women with different body types.

In August, the Victoria’s Secret appeared first angel is transgender. They became a Brazilian actress and model Valentina Sampaio. After it became known that were responsible for the shows of Victoria’s Secret ed Razek left brand. What is the reason, can be found here.


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