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Surgeon Timur Khaidarov, known as a sculptor and the most perfect natural Breasts, let Cosmo in the Holy of holies — his office — and showed how the operation takes place. Timur told us what kind of Breasts in fashion today, how to prepare for surgery and how long is the rehabilitation period.

“Fashion for big Boobs has long been held. Today girls want natural (both visually and to the touch), neat and not vulgar breast, so all the proportions are harmonious. Of course, there are cases when asking for large Breasts, but it has nothing to do with trends, but rather individual”.

“One of the main and important stages is the preoperative marking, in which are marked all the nuances and peculiarities. While pegging the plan of operation takes into account the wishes of the girl. First, an incision is made in the access location, further separation occurs tissue and forming a pocket for the implant after the implant, then layer-by-layer suturing tissues. Operation is simple, the work is conducted solely on the soft tissue, no cavity is not affected. The duration of the operation depends on the professionalism of the doctor. On average, the surgery for breast augmentation takes 30-40 minutes. If you need additional procedures such as breast uplift, nipple correction, while increasing to an hour or more”.

“If we talk about rehabilitation, it should be noted that the hardest and most painful the first two or three days. These days there can be heaviness, pain, discomfort. It is docked to the usual pain medications. It is also very important at least the first 10 days to avoid physical exertion, drink alcohol, and to refrain from intimate life. Compression garments need to be worn for a month, but there are cases where the period of wearing underwear is extended to one and a half to two months. The final result of the surgery, the patient will be able to observe after 6 months, but to go to the beach in a month or two after surgery, when the doctor will be allowed to remove compression”.

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