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There’s an expression that the eyes are a mirror of the soul. Indeed, the eyes can learn a lot about the person, they attract our attention, in the conversation it is customary to look people in the eye. How to make them even more noticeable and beautiful? In Asian countries, for example, very common lenses that visually increase the iris of the eye. But there are simpler and more pleasant ways to enlarge the eyes. Make-up will help.

Let’s add white

So, you do the usual makeup: apply the base, shade, paint eyebrows and eyelashes. At this point, use white shadows and a neat strip to apply them to the inner corner of the eye from above and below. This will visually extend the eye, make it wider. If you want to increase its height, then apply white shadows under the eyebrow, in its top. Using these two methods, you can easily achieve the effect of eye enlargement. Especially beautiful is it looks in the fig-eye and with greasy arrows.

A serious mistake, which many girls make in the pursuit of fatal glance – is to sum up the eyes on the line of the lower inner century from the beginning to the end. It’s not a tuxedo ic in which the black line grows and gives a smoky effect; it’s just a long black line that visually narrows your eye. Give up this makeup format if you don’t do the feathering. It is better not to let down the lower eyelid at all, but to draw the arrow only on the upper one.

Color experiment

Now is the time to try something new. Summer brings bright colors, so dare to put blue or blue instead of black eyeliner – a cold tone with a competent makeup will make your eyes not only noticeable, but also large, expressive.

If you are afraid of such a color game, then make an unobtrusive little arrow in the corners of the eyes, not drawing a line completely throughout the mobile age. They will create an unobtrusive color effect increase, but will not attract too much attention.

Volumetric eyelashes always enlarge the eyes and make the look expressive. But that doesn’t mean that you should put a kilo of overhead hair on your eyes – everything should be within the limits of naturalness. Try to twist your eyelashes with special tongs or try a new mascara.

Many people, by the way, use mascara incorrectly. It is necessary to paint the roots of the lashes carefully and in the process take a little brush to the outer edge of the eye, so that the lashes lie slightly sideways, not straight. This will lengthen the eye. If you paint several layers, you risk making black lumps; when applying mascara a second time, the first layer should be applied no sooner than two seconds ago, but no later than seven. This is the best time to apply the ink when it hasn’t quite dried up yet, but has already hardened a little.

By the way, don’t forget to paint your lower lashes.

A little shine.

Hilayters are already firmly rooted in our lives, but they can be used not only on the cheekbones. Apply a little unobtrusive luster to the middle of the lower eyelid, to the most mucous membrane. A slight shine will not be intrusive, but it will create the effect of enlarged eyes.

The highlighter may even be colored – soft pink or peach. In this case, it will be perfectly combined with the shadows in tone to him.

Such simple Lifhachs in makeup will make your eyes big and expressive. Have you used any of them?

A little shine visually enlarges your eyes

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