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Fast and personalized treatment for different types of hair

Brand Kérastase has launched in Russia the updated formula of her cult molecular cocktail Fusio-Dose, which over a five-minute effect on the hair, providing long-lasting results. It allows you to personalize the nursing process in the salon based on the needs of the hair of the client and its requests for their appearance.

Fusio-Dose is five concentrated boosters and four concentrate for a quick hair transformation with the help of individually tailored combinations of twenty possible active elements. Together they form a unique system that allows you to choose an individual combination for any type of hair: nourish dry hair to discipline and facilitate combing unruly, add sparkle to painted hair, seal damaged seal and thin.

To find out what cabin your city is available Fusio-Dose, you can use the salon locator on the Kérastase website.




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