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Natural ingredients, rejuvenating extracts and personalized approach

In the Aldo Coppola beauty centres available staining and care of Infusion lines Elements, which is a combination of the properties of natural plant extracts and the latest biotechnological achievements in the field of cosmetology.

Each agent Infusion Elements are enriched in nourishing and regenerating herb extracts and active elements, preserving their properties. The use of the products of the line allows you to personalize the process of coloring hair and achieve natural color, saturation and brightness which is selected by the client. Available shades range from blonde to dark chocolate.

Treatments using products suited to women who choose products with natural ingredients and monitor the health of your hair. Every Infusion application Elements the hair becomes more resistant to external influences and look more healthy.

In-line Infusion Elements presents coloring powder from a mixture of coloring herbs, vitamin oil and emulsion, with which to prepare nutrient mixture for the hair plus shampoo, mask, liquid cream, does not require rinsing, spray for Shine and moisture, soft lightening tool and paint with a soft formula without ammonia.

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