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Scientists have explained the phenomenon why those are the hours the mortality rate is the highest. This information will help those who are looking after elderly or severe patients.

For a long time the doctors could not explain why, according to statistics from different medical institutions, “difficult” patients often died at a particular time – 4 hours in the morning. This time is considered the peak of mortality in all patients.

As it turned out, this phenomenon was dismantled in 1950-ies of the Professor Anatoly Zilber. To reduce the number of deaths in his office, every day the man went to the hospital long before his day’s work. 87-year-old doctor still comes to 4 o’clock in the morning to the Republican hospital of Karelia.

During observations of patients Anatoly Zilber learned that amid the changes of the geomagnetic situation at this time, patients recorded the instability of the vital functions – breathing or heartbeat.

– Healthy people do not notice, and those who are in poor condition, that can die. To avoid this, such patients began to prescribe preventive therapy with 3:00 to 3:30 in the morning. If it would be possible to reconstruct the schedule of work of doctors, it would be possible to reduce the mortality rate to several times – emphasizes silber.

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