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No matter how old they are, they look great. They don’t allow themselves to think that something at their age “doesn’t fit” to wear. They are true to their classic style and a few rules. Thanks to them, every woman, whether she is 20 or 50 years old, will look great.

Don’t follow the trends.

Out of time style is first of all a classic that never goes out of fashion and wardrobes, in which there is no lack of basic clothes: good jeans, black turtleneck, white shirt, small black dress, pencil skirt. Having these things in the wardrobe, you can easily create a beautiful style in both 25 and 45.

They’re avoiding sloppiness

It’s not just what we wear, it’s how we wear it. A shirt, however beautiful, trendy and expensive it may look, will look terrible if it is wrinkled. Pants, even if they are at the peak of fashion, will be mutilated if they don’t fit our figure. Shoes with the famous red soles will look bad if they are dirty. Stillness is something to avoid if you want to look good.

They’re loyal to classic shoes.

Classic shoes, boots, loafers – they look amazing on any lady, it’s something out of age, they are always in fashion and will always complement any image.

Don’t overdo it with the accessories

Eternal style is devoid of details. They are limited to the minimum and include only the most necessary things in the classic version: purse, glasses, watches, belt, earrings. Too many accessories spoil the image, and the smaller the better. This is an old and eternal principle.

They have ready-made kits for various occasions

Women who look great never complain they have nothing to wear. Why? Their wardrobes are not overloaded with clothes, they know the contents. Whether it’s a date, a job or a crystal, there’s always a ready-made set, because all the things fit together harmoniously.

They invest in outerwear

Because they know very well how important the first impression is. And yet coats and jackets – this is the first thing that catches your eye. If they are of good quality, we immediately think that a person has a sense of style, without even thinking about what is hidden under the coat. Stylists recommend investing in a good quality coat or leather jacket.

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