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Ndovie, pink and brown hues that are reminiscent of the candies, lattes and spiced milk tea

YSL Beauty has introduced a collection of Milk Tea, the inspiration for which were sweets and summer drinks based on milk, including lattes and spiced milk tea. It includes new shades of lipsticks for lips Rouge Pur Couture, Rouge Volupte Shine and Vinyl Cream.

“Choose your flavour and hue. Three choices of milk tea and your favorite texture in three colors. Candy Nudes gives your lips a refreshing shade of pink, Latte Nudes lip butter-sweet and Spicy Nudes and offer a great pumpkin shade,” — noted on the official website of the brand.

Collection of Milk Tea is already on sale.

We will remind, last year YSL Beauty did a collaboration with actress Zoe Kravitz. Together they have released a line of lipsticks in the boxes in the style of a bottle from the fragrance Black Opium.




New collection

YSL Beauty


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